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Attack Surface Reduction

We partner with the best in the industry to provide you with penetration testing that meets your specific needs and location. We can also deliver remote solutions if desired.

Managed Security

Whether you need a vulnerability scan or a comprehensive risk assessment, we can assist you and help you perform quantitative or qualitative risk assessments.



If your organization does not have a CISO, or is in process of hiring one and you require CISO guidance, we're here to help. Our collaborative expertise will be at your service.

Attack Simulation

Our team can conduct attack simulations based on latest attack trends to help you identify your weaknesses before an attacker does.

Incident Response Readiness

From drafting an Incident Response Plan, to developing procedures, to table-top exercises, our team can help you be ready when an incident occurs.


Product Acquisition

We have experience building large global teams. We can help you hire the best talent available for your internal team.

Penetration Testing
Security Risk Assessments
Attack Simulation
Incident Response
Talent Acquisition
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