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Cyber Security is a complex business and technology issue that requires expertise to navigate.Technology along with the associated Information Security risks have increased expeditiously as the traditional network perimeter has dissolved into a multi-cloud and maintain at a comprehensive level. 


Business and Technology managers are struggling to keep up with running their business and keeping up with operational issues.  For most companies Information Security is not a core competency that they can fill with staff.In 2020 the push to use consulting coupled with strong managed services functions to provide a reduction in operating risk.Our consulting service is used by industry veterans to supplement their capabilities and to provide Subject Matter Expertise (SME) in critical areas.


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Team Evaluation

Team analysis of skillsets, capabilities, goals, training, etc.  Expertise on tap to answer the question "How capable is my team and what should they focus on from professional development efforts.

Resume Review

Today it's so hard to review a technical cyber security professionals resume and to determine in presented skillsets and experience match the job description and functional responsibilities

Staff Development

It takes years of experience to understand the right chemistry of technical security training and business writing and presentation.  We look to help charter that path to a properly trained and motivated team 

CISO / Board Support

Cyber Security leader some time struggle to synthesize complex technical risk information into meaningful actionable guidance

Who can help me manage the mentorship and growth of cyber security staff?

Business People
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