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Our mission

Our Mission is to identify young products with great potential that provide value to the customer, help them mature, and match them to early adopters. 

Charlotte Small Business Expos
April 6, 2022
Charlotte Convention Center
Joshua R Nicholson
Chief Mentor & Managing Partner

what we do

We look for security technologies and services in their early stages. We assess the value they bring to the industry and customers, and we help them attract early adopters. So when you engage with us, you're not only buying a product or service, you're helping a small business grow. 

Our Services

Our expertise

Our founders have decades of experience in cyber security which includes building products and services that generated millions of dollars. We understand the industry and know how to bring value to the customer. We have an extended team of cyber security leaders in globally recognized companies as well as a network of entrepreneurs ready to share their stories and guidance. 


We recognize that there is a shortage of security talent in the United States. We also believe that good talent becomes great with the right coaching and mentoring. As a way of us giving back to the cyber security community, we help pair people seeking mentoring and coaching with accomplished professionals. Contact us to learn more. 

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